Kathmandu Sparrows

Kathmandu Sparrows - Birds and Mammals
Kathmandu Sparrows (pen & ink, 2001). Signed limited edition of 300 on fine card. A3, £40.

I’ve made many visits to Nepal, exploring the mountains, the lowland jungles and many of its towns and cities. The richness of Nepal’s wildlife and culture at times overwhelms me. For some reason, amongst all these exotic riches, Nepal’s sparrows caught my attention. In Europe, the House Sparrow dominates the urban environment, whilst in the Far East, the Tree Sparrow acts as the ‘house’ sparrow. But in places like Kathmandu, the two live side by side throughout the City in a strange ecological balance. Observe the people, and you’ll notice that the Hindus and Buddhists are doing the same. This image features some Oriental House Sparrows and some Tree Sparrows in Kathmandu’s Durbar Square, with the Taleju Temple in the background (which collapsed during the 2015 earthquake). Forces of evil wheel around them in the form of Black Kites. Good versus evil – my take on a Tibetan Thangka.
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