Eucera longicornis Combo

Eucera longicornis Combo - Bees
Eucera longicornis Combo (pen & ink, 1984). Signed limited edition of 300 on fine card. A3. £50.00.

Two of twenty pen and ink illustrations commissioned for a forthcoming book on British Bees. The project was instrumental in my mastering of cross-hatching and stippling. The male, which is somewhat larger than a Honey Bee with very long antennae is above, and the rather more robust female is below. This is one of the most declined bees in Britain, probably due to the loss of flowery unimproved meadows, though their is a hint that a slight resurgence may be taking place in the Midlands. Both sexes are most easily found by searching large patches of Meadow Vetchling Lathyrus pratensis in May, though they will also visit clovers, vetches and other legumes. Males can be important pollinators of certain orchids.
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