Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron - Birds and Mammals
Great Blue Heron at Kejimkujic (pen & ink, 1994). Signed limited edition of 300 on fine card. A4. £35

1994 saw me visit Nova Scotia, Canada – a stunning coastal province with a rich history featuring Micmacs, the British Navy, French ‘Acadians’ and Scottish colonists (hence ‘New Scotland’). Like so much of northern America, the landscape is heavily forested and Beavers are numerous. Their activities can profoundly alter patches of forest, and here an unseen dam has flooded an area, killing the trees. But from death comes rebirth. A marsh is forming and a Great Blue Heron is hunting. The French made a return too, recolonising parts of Nova Scotia after the great evictions of the mid 1700s. Longue vie à Evangeline!
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