Steven Falk was born in 1962 in London and his ability to draw was noticed from a young age. Steven’s artwork inevitably reflected his interests, and these soon came to focus on the natural world. At the age of 15, Steven started to work with Alan Stubbs on a ground-breaking book called British Hoverflies (BENHS,1983) which took a group of insects with potential for popularity and realised that potential through the use of superb keys and text (Alan’s work) and beautiful artwork (Steven’s work). Steven then went on to produce illustrations for the popular Collins Guide to Insects of Britain and Northern Europe, a Ray Society book on british bees and various other projects.

His career path has reflected his passion for wildlife and nature conservation. He worked as an entomologist with the Nature Conservancy Council, as Keeper of Natural History and then City Ecologist at Coventry Museum, and spent 11 years as Senior Keeper of Natural History at Warwickshire Museum. He worked for Buglife - the Invertebrate Conservation Trust as their Entomologist and Invertebrate Specialist from 2012 until 2015. He is now an independent consultant specialising in invertebrates and especially pollinators.

Steven’s interest in wildlife has broadened considerably since those early days. He has written the first ever proper guide to British bees (Field Guide to the Bees of Great Britain & Ireland, Bloomsbury 2015), a county flora (Warwickshire’s Wildflowers, Brewin Books 2009), co-authored the seminal State of Nature report (2013), produced a massive on-line catalogue of Warwickshire’s trees, plus over 200 publications ranging from non-technical magazine articles and leaflets to detailed scientific reports and environmental impact assessments. Much of this features Steven’s photography and also his philosophy – keep things visual, engaging and (where possible) accessible to all, no matter how technical or scientific. Steven’s photography is featured in many popular natural history books and nature conservation publications.

In 2012 Steven was awarded the prestigious Royal Entomological Society/Marsh Award for Insect Conservation.

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